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Ipac 2

Ipac 2
The Ipac 2 is the most complete and robust instrument in its class, capable of adapting to the analysis of suspensions and or emulsions containing particles ranging from 0.2µm to 1mm in size.

With the Occhio Ipac 2 you can measure:

  • Particle size
  • Particle shape
  • Particle concentration (particle counting)
    Particle transparency

ISO 9276-1 Representation of Results of Particle Size Analysis

ISO 13322-2 Dynamic Image Analysis

FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) 21 CRF Part 11*

Instrument background
Originally developed and still widely used in Protein aggregation research and quality control of vaccines, this instrument has become one of Occhio’s most popular instruments across many domains.

Its slim and sleek design is simple and reliable, with little to no manipulation required from personnel; nearly all adjustments are done with the intuitive Callisto 3D software which comes with all Occhio instruments. The microchip cell, where the sample is passed through and measured, is easy to replace, utilizing a simple and robust latch system the cell can be changed in a matter of seconds.

It is this efficiency and reliability that has drawn the attention of users in various domains, most notably the following:

  • Protein Aggregation
  • Vaccine Quality Control
  • Antibiotic Efficiency Testing
  • CMP (Chemical Mechanical Planarization) Compound Analysis
  • Fuel contamination QC (inferior 5 microns)
  • Liquid Soap R&D

Sample flow is generated using a precision syringe and integrated motor to measure precise quantities. Minimum sample quantity is only 20µl! If your application requires larger sample sizes the syringe size can be adapted to meet your needs.

(ADR) Auto Dispensing Robotic Option:
Constructed specifically for the Ipac 2, this auto dispensing robot has been designed to save you time and increase measurement efficiency. Simply select the sample containing platform from the software and which cells within the platform which will be tested and begin the analysis series. The Robot works in coordination with the Ipac 2 to mix, disperse and measure the sample. The analysis is saved, and the cell is rinsed before beginning the next measurement. You can test up to 96 samples without human interference saving time and energy for other projects and tasks.

Related software
The data and images of every particle are individually stored in an Occhio binary database. The instrument is driven by Callisto 3D software, which controls the entire analysis: ‘SOP’, statistics, reporting and data storage.

Main features
Particle Size Range: From 0.2µm to 1000µm
Sample volume Minimum: From 0.02ml
Sample Flow Control: Precision Syringe
Cell Thickness: Variable thickness

Ipac 2








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