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Launched in 2000 as a spin-off from Institute Laue Langevin,  Xenocs earned an enviable reputation in the fields of research, development, and production of advanced materials through their solutions for characterization at the nanoscale. 

After developing aspheric multilayer coated x-ray optic, Xenocs developed (2006) the GeniX, a combination of micro-focus source and x-ray optics, bringing new performance to x-ray XRD instrumentation at a fraction of the energy consumption used by traditional x-ray sources.

Scatterless slits were added to the product portfolio before Xenocs delivered its first x-ray scattering equipment in 2008, setting new standards for the possibilities using SAXS in the laboratory for characterization at the nano-scale.

Working closely with both academic and corporate customers, Xenocs has continuously focused on providing value through performance and ease of use, while also creating a global sales and service organization.

In 2016, Xenocs acquired Saxslab with operations in Denmark and in Massachusetts, USA and set up a subsidiary in Singapore, making it the leading provider of SAXS equipment in both Asia, the Americas and Europe.

Now, with over 100 installations, Xenocs continue to see the potential for expanding the use of X-ray scattering for characterization at the nano-scale over a wide range of applications.


Accelerate your biostructural research
The BioXolver offers maximum throughput. Each step of the characterization process, from sample handling to measurement and data analysis is optimized to provide the biologist with fast and reliable results.


Smart nanoscale characterization
The Nano-inXider is a comprehensive solution for the characterizationof nanomaterials bringing new characterization capabilities in the lab, opening new perspectives in many research fields.

Xeuss 3.0

Next Gen beamline for the laboratory
Developing new materials with specific properties and functions requires a deep knowledge of materials at the nanoscale. The Xeuss 3.0 provides structural information from the atomic- to nano-scale in your lab.








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