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The technical use of sorption processes has increased in importance during the last decades. The applications are widely diversified, ranging from biogas processing to medical technology or gas storage. The characterization of correspondent sorbent materials often occurs by means of gravimetric or volumetric methods. In addition, the detection of breakthrough curves within an adsorber column can be used to determine sorption capacity, heat of adsorption and corresponding kinetic.

The Instrument

With instruments of RuboSORP BTC/PSA series, Rubolab offers tailor-made solutions for measuring breakthrough curves within adsorber columns.

Each instrument is equipped with a gas dosing unit for gas mixture generation. The pressurized gas mixture will be flown through an adsorber, filled with sorbent material.

Gas handling occurs by means of thermal mass flow controllers, sorptive gas pressure will be controlled by using pressure controlling valve. The standard version of our instrument can be used for measurement within a pressure range of up to 7 bar (higher pressure on request).

The video shows an example of how the breakthrough curve of a CO2-N2 mixture is detected. By adapting the analysis (e.g. using a mass spectrometer), a wide variety of sorptive gas mixtures can be used.

An instrument equipped with one adsorber column can be used for the measurement of breakthrough curves. In addition, two or more adsorbers can be integrated for studying complex pressure swing adsorption processes (PSA).

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