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Portable Contact Angle Meter PCA 11

Portable Contact Angle Meter

The portable contact angle meter PCA11 is a compact and lightweight device for fully automated on-site measurements of contact angle, surface tension and surface free energy of solids.

Testing on-site for quality control and evaluation of surface wettability, which is characterized by the contact angle, is often required during manufacturing processes or in the field. The PCA-11 can be used on any material such as glass, metal, film, paper & pulp, polymer, wood, etc. that have to be measured on-site or that due to their size or shape cannot be analyzed with usual stationary contact angle measuring instruments.

Weighing only 650g, combined with the single-click fully automated operation and its precise measurements, the PCA-11 is the ideal solution for non-destructive surface evaluations.

  • Single-click fully automated operation
  • Precise measurement of contact angles, even on slopes of up to 90 degrees
  • Analysis of surface free energy
  • Measurement of surface tension using the pendant drop method
  • Time-dependent measurements by image capture of up to 30 fps
  • 500 droplets with a volume of 1μl can be generated with one prepared syringe
  • Simple replacement of syringe and liquid sample via easily accessible front door
  • Visible needle tip allows precise capture of the target point
  • Droplet calibration standard for standard view, bearing one full circle for calibration and three droplet silhouettes of 5°, 60° and 108° for periodic inspection of measurement accuracy


  • Surface free energy kit
  • Pendant drop kit
  • Pendant drop calibration standard (for standard view)
  • Light shielding plate
  • Evaluation of cleanliness of large panels and silicon wafer
  • Evaluation of surface modification techniques, such as corona, flame and plasma treatments
  • Non-destructive evaluation of hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces such as automobiles parts, windshields, building walls

PCA-11 Portable Contact Angle Meter








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