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Accurate contact angle measurements of micro-droplets on small surface areas

The MCA-4 utilizes a precise electric micro-injector system and a high-quality optical system for accurate contact angle measurements of micro-droplets on small surface areas of only 100 x 100µm. With special capillaries available with three different inner diameters, micro-droplets in a range of about 10 to 1000pL can be produced with high reproducibility. This state of the art system is equipped with an additional top-view camera that enables the deposition of droplets with pinpoint accuracy and the observation of the three-phase line and the spreading of micro-droplets on solid surfaces.

Top-view camera
The first video shows how the top-view camera helps to deposition the droplets with a glass capillary with 5µm inner diameter with pinpoint accuracy onto measuring points of a circuit inside a ROM and of a read-write head of a hard disk.

The other two videos show that besides the pinpoint deposition of the droplets the top-view camera can also be used for the observation of the three-phase contact line of the droplets. Here, droplets are deposited inside 100µm wide cells of an OLED panel. As the height of the cells’ walls does not allow direct measurements of the contact angle from the side, the top-view camera helps to evaluate the surface cleanliness by observing the spreading behavior of the droplets on the solid surface.

  • Fast image capturing system with standard 400 fps at 640×480 resolution USB3.0 CMOS camera, max. 1000fps at 640×200 resolution
  • Automatic recognition of drop deposition by FAMAS analysis software
  • Top view camera allows for deposition of droplets with pinpoint accuracy and for observation of the spreading of micro-droplets
  • The high magnification lens and a 12-fold zoom provide a field of view from approximately 75×56µm to 910×680µm
  • Fine adjustable micro stage in x-, y- and z-axis for exact positioning
  • Fast image capture system allows accurate measurements of even quick evaporating pico-liter droplets
  • Droplet calibration standard bearing three sets of one full circle for calibration and three droplet silhouettes of 5°, 60° and 108° for periodic inspection of measurement accuracy


  • Software-controlled micro-stage
  • Jacket type sample stage for temperature measurements from +10 to +70°C
  • Inkjet head system, using piezoelectric technology to generate droplets from about 8 to 60pL
  • Miniaturized areas such as of silicon wafer, OLED panels, electronic components, printed circuit boards, etc.
  • Very thin wire materials such as single fibers, hairs, filaments, etc.
  • Defined locations on the surface of tiny samples
  • Ink at very small droplet volume (emitted from an ink-jet head)
  • Other or micro-structured areas where conventional methods and droplet volume are not applicable

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