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Contact Angle Meter

The FPD-CP11 system consists of the main measuring head, a metering pump with a 50mL capacity liquid container and a control box, and it has been developed for non-contact measurements of contact angles on flat panel displays such as LCD, LED, OLED and silicon wafer. It has been designed to be attached to metrology systems that combine several different measuring devices in one system. The communication and data transmission between this host system and our FPD-CP11 is achieved via an RS-232C serial port connection.

The system is specially designed to observe droplet with lateral image capturing system and the optical system is set at a slight angle, making it possible to measure contact angles without having contact with the panel’s delicate surfaces. Thanks to this lateral image capturing system, the FPD-CP11 is not limited to only 90 degrees, such as top-view measuring systems, but instead, it delivers high-accuracy and reliable measurements in a range from about 3 to 175 degrees.

  • Single-click automatic measurements, to be operated from a host system
  • Precise and reliable measurement of contact angles from about 3 to 175 degrees
  • Time-dependent measurements by image capture up to 30 fps
  • Metering pump, incl. a 50mL liquid container, allowing 50,000 1μl droplets with one prepared liquid container
  • Droplet calibration standard for standard view, bearing one full circle for calibration and three droplet silhouettes of 5°, 60° and 108° for periodic inspection of measurement accuracy

No options are available for the FPD-CP11, but customized solutions are possible to adapt the FPD-CP11 to existing metrology systems

Contact angle measurements to determine the surface cleanliness of flat panel displays such as LCD, LED, OLED and silicon wafer

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