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DMo Series

Contact Angle Meter

The four models of the DMo series are high-performance contact angle meters, only differing in their grade of automation. The high-speed camera and computer-controlled dispenser allow for precise measurements of static and dynamic contact angles, surface and interfacial tension of liquids, as well as analysis of surface free energy of solids. A wide range of options are available and lower grade models can also be upgraded later.

Each model combines the following features

  • Fast image capturing system with standard 400 fps at 640×480 resolution USB3.0 CMOS camera, max. 1000fps at 640×200 resolution
  • Automatic single dispenser system
  • 150x150mm wide sample stage with a maximum load capacity (temperature chamber + sample) of 1.4kgs
  • Stage travel distance: x-axis: 150mm, y-axis: 75mm, z-axis: fixed
  • Focusing aid with displayed index graph and value and brightness adjustment to achieve perfect focus
  • Movie converter to convert data images to MPEG-1 or AVI movie format
  • Determination of contact angles, droplet volume, residual droplet volume, sessile drop volume, height and radius of sessile drop
  • Measured results are displayed in a spreadsheet for easy reference and comparison, and saved in csv format for easy export to and manipulation in MS Excel
  • User-specified analysis report function, providing measurement results and parameters
  • Droplet calibration standard for standard view, bearing one full circle for calibration and three droplet silhouettes of 5°, 60° and 108° for periodic inspection of measurement accuracy
  • Automatic recognition of drop deposition by FAMAS analysis software
  • Live image display and droplet volume monitoring
  • Movie converter
  • Manual dispenser with a set of 5 glass syringes and 5 SUS needles for precise adjustment of droplet volume and quick refilling and replacement of liquid samples
  • Fine adjustable stage in x- and y-axis for exact positioning
  • Adjustable level of the body and stage
  • Droplet calibration standard for standard view, bearing one full circle for calibration and three droplet silhouettes of 5°, 60° and 108° for periodic inspection of measurement accuracy


  • Jacket and heater type chambers for temperature measurements from +10 to +380°C 1)
  • Heater type dispenser for temperature measurements from ambient to +380°C 1)
  • Tilting stage for measurements of roll-off angles, incl. FAMAS software add-in [Sliding method] 1)
  • Add-on module [Dynamic sliding method] for measurement of roll-off speed and roll-off acceleration. Only in combination with tilting stage package. 1)
  • Multi manual dispenser holder
  • Multi automatic dispenser system
  • Large capacity pump dispenser, incl. a 50ml liquid container
  • Surface free energy kit
  • Pendant drop kit (for standard & wide view)
  • Kit for captive-bubble-measurements
  • Droplet calibration standard (for wide 1 view)
  • Pendant drop calibration standard (for standard view)
  • Pendant drop calibration standard (for wide 1 and wide 2 view)
    1) This option is unavailable for the model DMo-902
  • Determination of wettability of surfaces like glass, metal, plastics, ceramics at ambient temperature
  • Surface cleanliness
  • Determination of surface and interfacial tension using the Pendant drop kit (standard and wide view)
  • Analysis of Surface free energy of solids
  • Determination of dynamic contact angles (advancing/receding angles and roll-off angle)
  • Coating property, Repellency, Characterization of droplet hysteresis
  • Initial spreading, absorbing property, effect of surface active agents
  • Adhesive property, characterizing surface modification, digitalization of hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity









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