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Granular Material Heap Analyzer

Automated repose angle and cohesive index measurements  

  • When a powder is poured onto a surface, a heap is formed.
  • It is well known that both the repose angle and the heap shape strongly depend on grain properties.
  • In particular, a cohesive powder forms an irregular heap while a non-cohesive powder forms a regular conical heap.
  • Therefore, a precise measurement of the heap shape provides useful information about the physical properties of the powder sample.
  • GranuHeap instrument is an automated heap shape measurement method based on image processing and analysis.
  • A powder heap is created on a cylindrical support with an initialization tube.
  • After filling the initialization tube by hand with a fixed volume of powder, the tube goes up at the constant speed.
  • Thereby, the powder is flowing from the tube to form a heap on the cylindrical support.
  • A controlled rotation of the support allows obtaining different heap projections corresponding to different heap orientations.
  • A custom image recognition algorithm determines the position of the powder/air interface.
  • The repose angle refers to the angle of the isosceles triangle with the same surface than the powder heap projected image.
  • This isosceles triangle corresponds to the ideal cohesiveness heap shape.
  • The repose angle is computed for each image, i.e. for each heap orientation.
  • Afterwards, an averaged value is computed.
  • In general, the lower the repose angle is, the better the powder flowability is.
  • The deviation between the real heap interface and the isosceles triangular heap provides the static cohesive index, which is computed for each image, i.e. for each heap orientation.
  • This static cohesive index is close to zero for a non-cohesive powder and increases when the cohesive forces inside the powder strengthen.
Key Benefits
  • Measurement is simple, fast and intuitive.
  • Delivered with intuitive software, both average and variance are easy to access and allows the comparison of results. Accessibility is password protected.
  • All pictures and data are automatically collected and stored for post processing.
  • Easy data transfer and automatic report generation.
  • Closed system for safety requirements.
  • Size compatible with hood or confined enclosure.
  • Recorded standard operating procedures that increase measurements repeatability.
  • Fully automatic including the powder heap shaping.
  • High measurement reproducibility due to rotational method.
  • Easy cleaning by design using a collecting container under the heap.
  • Calibration kit.
  • Easy and fast flowability classification between powders.
  • Perfect tool for the galenic formulation, that helps to detect problematic samples before their introduction inside the process.
  • Extra cells for small samples and adapted support.
  • Special Pharma and Precious metal pack for ultra-small samples (4ml).

L 560 x W 370 x H 570(mm)


18 kg

Sample Volume

From 4 to 80ml


USB 2.0. Monochrome CMOS Camera

Light Source

LED Screen background lightning

Frame Resolution

400 x 600 pixels

Computer Requirements

Dual core with 2.0GHz, 4Go RAM, Windows XP to 10 with up to date Service Packs


USB 2.0 port

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