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All GranuTools do is powder flow characterization – They improve the understanding of powder through leading edge physical characterization tools.

GranuTools combine decades of experience in scientific instrumentation with fundamental research on powders characterization offering a unique set of complementary instruments for granular materials characterization. Named after their purpose, GranuTools instruments are developed to provide an understand of the macroscopic behavior of powders.

GranuFlow for flow, GranuHeap for static cohesion, GranuDrum for dynamic cohesion, GranuPack for tapped density and GranuCharge for triboelectric charge measurements are designed with the following in mind:

  • Precise & Repeatable
  • Automatic
  • No Operator Dependency
  • Robust & Easy To Use
  • Clear Interpretation

All GranuTools instruments can be used across a variety of industries and requirements. From production to the laboratory, GranuTools instruments are used by industry leaders in their field of pharma, food and materials.

GranuTools instruments provide measurements correlated with production processes, system quality control or optimization of the storage conditions. Measurements collected reflect complexities of the physicochemical and rheological properties of the particulate and granules substances as well of nature: ceramic, metal, polymer, pharmaceutical or food.

GranuTools approach is fact based, original and relevant. Their measurables are easy to interpret and rely on the physics of powders. They work mainly on flowability, cohesion, compaction and electrification of powders.

GranuTools instruments have been developed to help you to answer questions like:

  • What are the flow properties of your powder, nanopowder or granular material?
  • How will your powder, granular material or nanpowders work after processes, pre- and post-treatments? eg: Like exposure to moisture or heat, effect of storage and mixture.
  • Which composition has the best flowability? Taking into account the grain size distribution, chemical products, fill, and blend. This in order to optimize formulations or blends.
  • Are your manufacturing processes under control?
  • Are they affected by the quality of the reagents, raw products or process conditions?
  • Are the flow properties of your granular materials, powders and nanopowders fluctuating over time? Since they are depend on storage and handling conditions, temperature and moisture.



Semi-automated measurement of powder flow rates through apertures.


Granuheap is an automated instrument able to measure the static angle and the cohesion of a granular material.


Granudrum is an automated instrument able to measure materials flowing.


Automated tapped density and compaction kinetics measurements.


Electrostatic charge measurement of a flowing powder on a surface.

Control the relative humidity of air before pulsing it outside.








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