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ZPA Software

ZPA Software

The Zeta Potential Analyzer ZPA 20 is operated using the dedicated ZPASoftware, which is an application designed for Microsoft Windows®.

Its modern user interface is multilingual (English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French) and operable either traditionally, using mouse and keyboard, or on multi-touch notebooks/ pads by finger or pen. Thanks to a comprehensive integrated help function the user is smoothly guided through the set-up of both standard single measurements and more complex titration projects.

During the execution of the experiment live plots of all measured quantities, i.e. in particular the streaming potential and the pressure difference, but also conductivity, the pH value and temperature, are displayed. Moreover, the zeta potential is directly calculated and shown. Additionally, when using a measuring cell for plate shaped solids the software can calculate the gap size according to Hagen-Poiseuille.

For projects with changing pH value the software automatically calculates the required titration volumes and controls the optional liquid dosing unit. Hence, the entire process of dosing, mixing and measuring can be fully automated and directly yields the characteristic isoelectric point of the studied material.








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