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ZPA Accessories

ZPA Accessories

The ZPA 20 uses different measuring cells in order to measure plate shaped solids or fibres, powders and granulates. With the optional liquid dosing unit LDU 25 the electrolyte solution inside of the ZPA 20 can be changed automatically.

Measuring cells

The modular setup of the ZPA 20 allows for easy exchange of the measuring chambers. Hence, the next sample can be prepared in a second sample cell during the measurement. There are two different cells available for various solid samples. Corresponding tools for the measuring cells ensure easy and repeatable sample preparation.

MC-ZPA/PF cell for fibres, powders, granulate material

The MC-ZPA/PF is the measuring cell for measurements of the Zeta potential of fibres, powders and granulate material. The sample material is compressed between two compression discs. In order to ensure a repeatable compression, the optional compression tool with a torque wrench can be used.

MC-ZPA/S cell for plate shaped solids

The MC-ZPA/S is the measuring cell for measurements of the Zeta potential of plate shaped solids. With a special cutting tool, a sample can be cut out of plate shaped solids like for example plastic sheets. The dimensions of the gap allowing the electrolyte to pass along the sample can be adjusted with the integrated micrometer screw gauge.

    • sample area: 20 mm x 10 mm
    • max. sample height: 2 mm
    • gap range: 0…0.3 mm

Liquid dosing unit LDU 25

The Zeta Potential Analyzer ZPA 20 can use a liquid dosing unit LDU 25 to automatically change concentrations inside the electrolyte. Hence, for example the pH value can be changed after each zeta potential measurement and the isoelectric point is determined in a series of experiments during which no manual user intervention is required.

Since the ZPA 20 can measure zeta potentials exceptionally fast even the adsorption kinetic of surfactants can be analysed by dosing surfactant solution to the electrolyte. For detail see the corresponding application example.

The liquid dosing unit LDU 25 can be equipped with up to four DataPhysics Instruments syringe modules (ESr-LDU) performing independent dosing operations. This allows to dose different solutions individually. There are two options available for dosing: The first allows for a (direct) dosing of the syringe content (SH-LDU) while the second one connects to a liquid reservoir via an additional valve (RRS 25) in order to refill the syringe.

For convenience two pre-configured packages are available:

    • The LDU 25 R1 package consists of one LDU 25, one syringe module ESr-LDU and one refill and rinse system RRS 25.
    • The LDU 25 R2 package consists of one LDU 25, two syringe module ESr-LDU and two refill and rinse systems RRS 25.
      For further details please refer to the LDU brochure.








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