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SVT Software

SVT Software

The SVTSoftware supports you in the use of your SVT model by easily specifying measurement procedures and in collecting and evaluating data. The software is designed as a modular program for use under Microsoft Windows®.

The available software modules are:

SVTS 20 — interfacial tension

The SVTS 20 module is the base software module that enables the measurement of interfacial tensions.

Main features:

    • video based measurement and presentation of the time and temperature dependent interfacial tension based on spinning drop contours according to various methods (i.a. Young-Laplace method)
    • control of the rotational speed, the inclination of the measuring cell and the camera position including the automatic calibration of the magnification of the drop and an automatic drop hold function
    • automatic compensation of density and refractive index as well as of temperature dependent changes
    • statistics and measurement error analysis
    • liquids database

SVTS 21 — oscillation

With the SVTS 21 software module rheological analysis of interfaces becomes possible by oscillating spinning drop measurements.

Main features:

    • relaxation analysis with predefined speed increments and sinusoidal speed variations
    • analysis of fast relaxational oscillations and elongations of drops
    • determination of dilatational interfacial elasticity of viscoelastic and viscoplastic materials

SVTS 22 — membrane covered drops

The SVTS 22 software module enables the analysis of membrane covered or encapsulated drops.

Main features:

    • determination of deformation and elasticity parameters of membrane covered or encapsulated spinning drops with contours deviating from corresponding Young-Laplace shapes
    • calculation of the effective deformation in relation to spherical or ellipsoidal rest or reference contours
    • calculation of centrifugal stresses as a measure of the membrane or capsule loads
    • calculation of membrane capsule elasticity parameters from the effective deformation and the centrifugal stress
    • volume calculation by numerical integration over arbitrary, even strongly deformed but still axis-symmetric drop contours








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