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OCA 200

Optical Contact Angle – OCA 200

The OCA 200 is the contact angle measuring and drop contour analysis system for microscopic and macroscopic structures. The software-controlled, electrically driven optic alignment enables the OCA 200 to adjust the observation angle and to focus automatically. Utilising a best in class 10-fold zoom lens and the reliable auto focus system by DataPhysics Instruments, the OCA 200 is equipped to handle any kind of sample size from a macroscopic silicon wafer to the microscopic mesh structure of a coronary stent.

In combination with the high-performance camera with USB 3 interface even the smallest drops of highly volatile liquids can be monitored. The electrically driven sample table makes it possible to position micro-structured samples with highest precision and exceptional speed for fast automated measuring procedures.

With an electronic multiple direct dosing system DDE/x and up to four electronic syringe modules ESr-N liquids can be deposited on a macroscopic sample and its surface parameters can be determined automatically. For the analysis of micro-structured samples, the nanolitre dosing system is available which can generate down to 10 nanolitre small droplets. These droplets are small enough to fit, eg:, between the screw threads of a dental implant whose surface is to be analysed.

Even smaller structures can be analysed using the picolitre dosing system PDDS which can dose down to 30 picolitre small droplets. These allow contact angle measurement, for example, on the individual wires of the mesh structure of a coronary stent or on single fibers.

Main Features

    • sample table adjustable in all three directions in space with electronic high-performance axes
    • trendsetting 10-fold zoom lens
    • software-controlled, electrically driven optic alignment for autofocus and adjustment of the observation angle
    • video measuring system with high-performance camera using USB 3 interface
    • LED-lighting with manual and software controlled intensity including automatic temperature drift compensation
    • included TP 50


The software for the optical contact angle measuring and contour analysis systems of the OCA series is continuously being developed and enhanced with new features. Learn more about the capabilities of the OCA software


Due to the modular product design the OCA 200 can be combined with a multitude of options of the versatile OCA accessories range. With its extended zoom range and high resolution optics the OCA 200 is the device of choice when utilising smallest droplets like with the picolitre dosing system PDDS. Learn more about the available accessories.

Download & Resources

OCA Brochure

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Optical Contact Angle - OCA 200








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