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Humidity Generator

HGC – Humidity Generator & Controller

With the humidity generators and controllers of the HGC series the relative humidity can be controlled inside of small measuring chambers. Hence, the influence of humidity on interfacial parameters can be investigated in combination with another measuring device from DataPhysics Instruments.

The humidity generators and controllers of the HGC series work as stand-alone devices and are also combinable with various laboratory devices and chambers of other manufacturers. In addition, the HGC series is available as an OEM product.

Fields of application 

Humidity is an important parameter for many different material analysis systems. Since the humidity generators and controllers of the HGC series can work stand-alone and are available as OEM products, they can be used for many laboratory applications and devices.

For example Verpaalen et al. were able to investigate a bioinspired bilayer actuator that changes its bending angle depending on temperature and humidity using a HGC 30. Other fields of application include among others:

    • atomic force microscopy (AFM)
    • dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)
    • isothermal microcalorimetry (IMC)
    • near infrared spectroscopy (NIR)
    • Raman microscopy
    • rheology
    • thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)
    • thermomechanical analysis (TMA)
    • X-ray diffraction (XRD)
    • various chambers and enclosures by DataPhysics Instruments

Humidity as an interfacial parameter

Moss or mould on a facade is an unsightly problem that occurs as a result of high and long-lasting surface humidity. In order to investigate which surface properties lead to or promote the fastest drying under high humidity, the conditions that prevail during the formation of morning dew can be simulated with a humidity generator of the HGC series.

Due to the wide relative humidity range the HGC series can reproduce humidity conditions from very humid like in the tropical rainforest to extremely arid like in the desert.

The HGC models

The humidity generators of the HGC series allow for a reliable control of the relative humidity, in the range of 5% to 90%, inside small environmental measuring chambers from DataPhysics Instruments or other suppliers. With an integrated pump and desiccant reservoir they can independently generate a dry airflow using ambient air. Together with the heated water reservoir the necessary humidity can be generated within the HGC.

Using the gas connection tube this air flow of well defined humidity can be fed into various environmental chambers or laboratory devices. The gas tube is heated in order to prevent any condensation during transfer. With the additional humidity and temperature sensor the system can measure directly at the target location and calculate the dew point inside of an environmental chamber.

Due to the integrated touch screen the system can be operated without additional software and is directly ready for use. Of course, the software of the DataPhysics Instruments measuring instruments includes, integrated, HGC humidity control.

HGC 20

Control and generation of relative humidity in the range of
5% to 90%

HGC 30

Inlet for external gas supply of pressurised air, nitrogen or argon. Integrated flow rate and pressure regulator calibrated for N2 and Ar

HGC Accessories

The HGC series are designed to work with all optical contact angle measuring and contour analysis systems of the OCA series.

HGC Software

The HGC 20 control software for the humidity generators of the HGC series is designed for Microsoft Windows®.








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