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The dynamic contact angle measuring device and tensiometer DCAT 25 is the multifunctional all-round instrument of the DCAT series. The weighing system is even more precise than that of the DCAT 9 and 15 and hence offers highest accuracy for the determination of surface and interfacial tension. A completely closed sample chamber enables measurements under inert gas or ionised atmosphere as well as with controlled relative humidity.

Due to the longer travel distance of the sample stage, an electrical temperature control unit can be mounted inside the DCAT 25 which makes measurements at temperatures of up to 300 °C possible. Moreover the Langmuir trough module can be used to investigate the surface pressure and the interfacial rheology of monolayers. The upgrade video system provides the opportunity to record video-sequences during force of adhesion measurements and to evaluate contact angle, contact area etc. in addition to the force. The optional TP 50 control panel with touch screen and precision control wheel ensures an intuitive and fast device control even during complex measurements.

Main Features

    • high resolution electrodynamic compensation weighing system with automatic and manual calibration function
    • software controlled, motor-driven height positioning of the sample receptacles with variable speed
    • automatic coupling lock for the balance
    • automatic crash protection for measuring probes during measurement
    • closed illuminated sample chamber
    • integrated magnetic stirrer
    • digital thermometer with connections for two Pt 100 temperature sensors
    • optional TP 50 control panel with touch screen and precision control wheel is recommended
    • compatible with the liquid dosing unit LDU 25
    • compatible with the electrical temperature control unit TEC 250/DCAT
    • compatible with the upgrade video system UpVideo DCAT


The DCATSoftware is available in various independently usable modules. The available software modules for the DCAT 25 are:

    • DCATS 31 — surface and interfacial tension
    • DCATS 32 — dynamic contact angle
    • DCATS 33 — critical micelle concentration (CMC)
    • DCATS 34 — liquid density
    • DCATS 35 — sedimentation and penetration
    • DCATS 36 — solid density
    • DCATS 37 — adhesion
    • DCATS 38 — surface pressure

Learn more about the DCATS modules.


Due to the modular product design the DCAT 25 can be combined with a multitude of options of the versatile DCAT accessories range. Learn more about the available accessories.

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