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BenchCAT 4000R HP Hybrid

Multi-station Hybrid Reactor and Chemisorption: Chemi-CAT

The BenchCAT 4000R HP Hybrid is a four station automated reactor system designed to:

  1. Conduct temperature-programmed or isothermal experiments with catalysts loaded in a straight tube reactor at ambient or pressure conditions. External analysis will be performed with a mass spectrometer.
  2. Perform characterization experiments (TPR, TPO, TPD, Pulse Chemisorption) using catalysts at ambient pressures. Analysis will be made internally, using the TCD, or externally with a mass spectrometer, GC, etc….
  3.  The instrument is configured to perform either reaction experiments or characterization experiments on an automated basis. Reaction and characterization will always be performed as separate experiments.

78cm x Reaction Testing Specifications

Number of Stations: 4
System Operating Pressure Ambient: 100 barg (higher/lower pressures available)
MFC Inlet Pressure: (Varies according to operating pressure)
Maximum Furnace Operating Temperature: 1200°C (depends on pressure and reactor material)
Maximum Post Reactor Line Temperature: 150°C
Number of MFCs (Reaction Side): Determined by the customer
Number of MFCs (Shared): Determined by the customer
Number of Vaporized Liquid Feeds: Determined by the customer

Materials of Construction
Upstream Plumbing: 316SS
Downstream Plumbing: 316SS
Sample tubes 316SS, Quartz, Inconel or otherwise determined by the operating conditions
Sample tube: option monolith, powder, or pellets
Wetted Parts: 316SS
Seal Materials: Premium
Catalyst Charge: Determined by the customer
Overall System Footprint 178cm H x 153cm W x 77cm L (Approx)

Utility Requirements
Oil-free, Dry Air: Multiple 80 psig utility connections
System power: 220 VAC
Computer power: 110V or 220V

Catalyst Characterization

Number of Stations 4
System Operating Pressure Ambient
Gas Inlet Pressure Range 50 psig
Gas Outlet Pressure Range near ambient
Maximum Furnace Operating Temperature 1200°C
Maximum TCD Operating Temperature 200°C

Materials of Construction
Plumbing 316SS
Sample U-tubes Quartz
Wetted Parts 316SS
Seal Materials Premium seals
Catalyst Charge 0.1 – 1g
Number of Treatment/Carrier Ports 4 (per station)
Number of Blend Ports 2 (per station)

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