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Chemical adsorption, also known as chemisorption, is a process resulting from a chemical bond between the surface of an adsorbent and adsorbate to create a covalent or ionic bond.

This interaction is significantly stronger than physical adsorption (physisorption), which takes place on all surfaces when temperature and pressure conditions are favorable. As carbon dioxide molecules are adsorbed on the surface of the adsorbent, they form a monolayer. Unlike physisorption, chemisorption occurs on clean active sites and ceases when the adsorbate can no longer make direct contact with the surface, thereby making chemisorption a single layer process. The chemisorption energy between the gas molecules and adsorbents can vary significantly depending on the bond strength between adsorbent and adsorbate.

Chemisorption measurement is important for evaluating physical and chemical properties of materials that are critical for process. Chemisorption is used to evaluate the number of available active sites to increase the rate of chemical reactions. Other properties include the temperature at which catalysts become active, the strength of specific types of active sites and/or the ability of materials to perform after reduction or oxidation cycles. Examples include macroscopic phenomena that are obvious like corrosion as well as subtler effects associated with heterogeneous catalysis, where the catalyst and reactants occur in different phases.

Chemisorption Analysers


The AMI-300 is the “flagship” chemisorption analyser of the AMI family. It is a single station instrument with a standalone PC and LabVIEW-based control software. It is the instrument upon which the rest of the AMI-technology and software is based.


The AMI-300IR is a new instrument that uses a heated IR transmission cell coupled with an FTIR to gather information in real time on what is actually occurring on the surface of a catalyst.


The AMI-300RHP is a custom high-pressure version of the AMI-300 with a liquid feed via a HPLC pump. It is equipped to provide 100 bar (or more) of operating pressure during an experiment. The AMI-300RHP was the first high-pressure chemisorption analyzer on the market.


AMI-300 Lite allows for rapid chemisorption studies in a compact, affordable package. The AMI-300 Lite was designed specifically for budget conscious customers and is the only fully automated entry-level chemisorption analyzer on the market today.








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